7 Best AI Headshot Generators of 2024

By Vijay Singh Katri
April 17, 2024
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Getting a perfect headshot in today’s economy is a pricey matter if you are going to hire a professional photographer. But with the advancement in the field of AI, now you can generate professional-looking headshots that offer you the highest quality at a budget-friendly price point. 

If you haven’t guessed it yet, we are talking about AI headshot generators, tools that can turn any selfie that you take into a headshot ready to be used in no time. But it is a painstaking job to look for an AI headshot generator on the internet due to the massive number of gimmicky applications that yield poor results.

Key Highlights:

  • AI Headshot Generators: Cost-effective alternatives to professional photography.

  • Top AI Headshot Generators:, Secta AI, PFPMaker, Aragon,, and

  • Features and Turnaround: Quick, high-quality headshots with unique offerings.

  • User Experience: User-friendly interfaces with customizable options.

  • Recommendation: stands out for quality, simplicity, and efficiency.

That’s why, with today’s blog, we are here to provide a comprehensive list of the best AI headshot generators so that you don’t have to spend your precious time searching for them online. Whether you are trying to save yourself some time or money, these personally tested AI headshot generators will cater to all your needs and get the job done for you. So, without waiting any further, let’s explore their features one by one.

Best AI Headshot Generator

1) Alter.AI has proven itself in the market of AI headshots; after personally testing it out, we can conclude that it provides the best and the most detailed headshots in the entire industry. In addition to this, the turnaround time is pretty quick; you upload the images you want to convert into headshots, select the plan, and in less than 2 hours. Once you get the final output you can’t find the difference whether the headshots were taken by a professional or they have been generated using the power of AI. 


One of the things we liked most about is that it gives you plan options based on the number of headshots you need. Even if you choose the most basic plan, you are still getting the same quality of headshots that you’d get when you go for the premium plan.


  • Quick turnaround time with the most accurate results.

  • Budget-friendly option when compared with others in the same range of quality outputs.


  • Customization options are not available.

  • Apart from existing plans, professional-centric plans are not available.

Price: The starter plan starts at 14.99$ and goes up to 34.99$ for the premium plan.

2. BetterPic


If you're looking for professional-grade headshots that look strikingly real, Betterpic AI is an excellent choice. By uploading just 10 quality selfies and selecting their "Pro" package, I was able to create over 100 images in a variety of outfits and locations in less than one hour. The quality of the final selections is astounding. It feels as though I participated in multiple headshot sessions simultaneously, all for just $35—a service that would typically cost over $1000 with a professional photographer. This doesn't even factor in the expense and time of changing outfits and shooting in different locales at just the right time. Although it required some trial and error—since Betterpic's AI tool scans for optimal image quality and accepts only the best, clearest images of your face—the effort was worth it. Notably, the images were in 4K resolution, making them look very close to actual photographs of me. The 4K quality also means you can use these AI-generated headshots for full-screen displays, not just as social media avatars, offering more value for your investment. I strongly recommend Betterpic for anyone looking for high-fidelity, high-resolution images.


  • 4K Quality output headshots - Looking like real photos

  • Many outfit styles, colors and backgrounds available

  • Less than 30 minutes to get your headshots


  • You might need to take more than 10 selfies since their AI tool is scanning for high-quality input.

3. Secta ai

Second on our list is Secta AI, which is a bit of a newcomer, yet it is quite impressive. When we tried it for the first time, we were surprised by how many unique features it provides to users, giving it that extra edge against its competitors. Here, you can add a description of what you are looking for in the headshot, such as “I need to have a headshot which has an office background, my face should be smiling, clothing has to be formal.” 


After this, the application will ask you to upload your professional-looking picture; you can upload a LinkedIn profile picture to give it a reference. Final results can take up to 24 hours, depending on the prompt you have given in the beginning. Overall, the headshots came out to be nice; the only thing that we didn’t like was a compulsory upload of 25 photos of yourself to the program to make the AI understand your facial features and other aspects.


  • Ability to create a variety of new photos with many different clothing styles, backgrounds, or expressions.

  • Wide range of inbuilt editing options like crop, expand, resize, remix, etc.


  • Only one plan is available, which might be affordable for a few people only.

  • Sorting through a large number of photos can be time-consuming.

Price: Only one plan is available for 49$.

4. PFPMaker AI Headshot


Those who want to create a bit more polished headshots that are inclined towards showcasing themselves as a business head or more of a leader need to use this AI headshot generator at least once before trying anything else. After the headshots are generated, you can still edit out their background, giving you control of the final image. This specific AI headshot generator has thousands of images in order to generate realistic headshots in a short amount of time.


  • Custom Artificial Intelligence processing to help you create the best profile picture.

  • You can create a professional profile picture for any media, be it LinkedIn, CV, Resume, Instagram, or any Messenger.


  • Background removal may not be perfect and may require uploading a high-quality photo with good lighting.

  • Sometimes the image generation time is more than what has been advertised.

Price: The starter plan starts at 29$ and goes up to 69$ for the premium plan.

5. Aragon

With the use of advanced AI and ML algorithms, Aragon enhances your photos to give you stunning headshots that mimic all the little details that you can only find in headshots taken by professional photographers. Based on the selfies and random pictures that you have uploaded on the platform, the AI can generate multiple headshots, and all of them will have unique styles. 


Furthermore, it allows the forming of a team on the platform. As a result, organizations can ask their employees to create their own headshots using this platform, and HR will download them from the joint library in order to use them in required areas such as LinkedIn, about the Us page of the website, and beyond. 


  • Custom Artificial Intelligence processing to help you create the best profile picture.

  • You can create a professional profile picture for any media, be it LinkedIn, CV, Resume, Instagram or any Messenger.


  • Background removal may not be perfect and may require uploading a high-quality photo with good lighting.

  • Sometimes the image generation time is more than what has been advertised.

Price: The starter plan starts at 29$ and goes up to 69$ for the premium plan.


ProPhotos is an online service, meaning you can use it directly from a browser installed on your smartphone or on your laptop. It is designed to help business owners and corporate employees quickly get their headshots at an affordable price. During our usage, we found out that you don’t require uploading high-quality sample images to the AI. This is due to the fact that it accepts all types of photos. Thus, you can upload candid photos, selfies, and even your Instagram pictures. But in order for the AI to process your facial features, you need to upload at least 10 images where your face can be seen clearly. 


You can also choose the type of background, such as natural landscape, urban scenes, solid colors, and more. Besides this, after the headshot has been generated, you can make changes like skin smoothing, teeth whitening, and others from the tools provided to you. Lastly, it can produce headshots for you in just 30 minutes, given you have uploaded ten clear images of yourself in the first place. 


  • Provides you with a number of different professional headshots.

  • Option to add makeup to headshots.


  • Costly when compared with others and Reliant on the quality of photos uploaded.

  • Sometimes the image generation time is more than what has been advertised.

Price: The starter plan starts at 25$ and goes up to 155$ for the premium plan.


StudioShot perfectly blends in the use of both AI and professional photographers to give you the final results, which leads them to create some of the finest-looking images in the market. You can choose the styling of your headshots, such as executive, LinkedIn profile, real estate, and many more. Furthermore, you can select the color palette of the headshot from white to all the way to gray. The AI does the heavy lifting by changing the images you have uploaded drastically in order to convert them into headshots. Once this process is done, the headshots are then sent to a team of in-house photographers to give them final touch-ups. 


Here again, you have to upload 10 images of yourself and fill out a questionnaire that is sent by the team to your email. After completing this step, you will get the final output of your headshot in your email in 2 business days. The limitation of not selecting the background is just one thing that made us scorn. 


  • You can choose from custom-designed styles, crafted by our expert photographers, touchup artists, and cutting-edge AI technology.

  • All images are expertly lit and captured with breathtaking detail.


  • Outputs are not 100% realistic. You can easily identify them as AI-generated.

  • There's a 2-day turnaround time to upgrade the generated images. This is a very long period when compared with the alternatives.

Price: The starter plan starts at 21.75$ and goes up to 29.25$ for the premium plan.

Wrapping Up

So these were some of the best AI headshot generators that we have explored in the massive world of AI tools. From these brief reviews, you can see that each of these AI tools brings something unique to the table in order to attract new users. 

However, you are looking for the overall best experience, which includes having the best quality, UI being user-friendly, quick turnaround time, and versatility. Then is the one you should go with. It is a no-nonsense AI headshot generator that gets the job done without giving you too many options to get confused. 

We hope you liked this blog and have found the AI tool that will get your headshots done. To keep yourself updated, make sure to read blog given in the link. Till then, keep learning and keep exploring!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are AI headshot generators?

AI headshot generators are tools powered by artificial intelligence algorithms that transform selfies or photos into professional-quality headshots suitable for various purposes.

2. How do AI headshot generators work?

AI headshot generators analyze input images, identify facial features, and apply enhancements to produce realistic and visually appealing headshots with minimal user input.

3: What are the benefits of using AI headshot generators?

AI headshot generators offer cost-effective solutions for obtaining high-quality headshots, quick turnaround times, customization options, and accessibility for users with varying photography skills.

4. Can AI headshot generators replace professional photographers?

While AI headshot generators provide convenient alternatives to professional photography for certain applications, they may not fully replace professional photographers' expertise and personalized touch.

5. What factors should I consider when choosing an AI headshot generator?

When selecting an AI headshot generator, consider factors such as image quality, turnaround time, customization options, user interface, and pricing plans to meet your specific needs and preferences.

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