What is AI virtual try-on clothes?

By Khyathi Swarup Tenali
June 3, 2024
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AI Virtual Try-On

Virtual try-on clothes is an AI breakthrough, that will revolutionize the e-commerce industry. Imagine the countless hours and resources e-commerce businesses, particularly those on platforms like Shopify, dedicate to maintaining product profiles. Hiring models, and photographers, and securing shooting locations for product photos can be a logistical nightmare. This burden is especially significant for small businesses, as the high cost of professional photography can be a major hurdle. Here's where virtual try-on clothes step in as a much-needed solution. This innovative technology empowers businesses to showcase their clothing and designs without the traditional hassles. It's a win-win for everyone: businesses save time and money, while customers get a clear picture of what they are going to buy.

Alter AI, an AI brand, is empowering job seekers, models, and actors/actresses by reducing their reliance on expensive professional headshots with its innovative AI headshot generator. And now, they have come up with another innovative invention, Virtual Try-On. Let's explore how Alter AI's Virtual Try-On addresses the challenges discussed above and its pivotal role in shaping the future of e-commerce merchants. Upholding their core principle of making AI accessible to everyone, Alter AI tackles a challenge faced by e-commerce retailers with their latest innovation, Virtual Try-On.

Introduction to Alter AI's Virtual Try-On


Virtual Try-On is a revolutionary technology that uses AI to generate professional product display pictures. Whether it's a shirt or t-shirt, pants or shorts, the user can choose a model and Virtual Try-On will generate an image with the model wearing it. This technology enables e-commerce retailers to generate product display pictures regardless of the shape, size, and ethnicity of the model. Virtual Try-On's images provide an accurate preview of how a design is going to look on a person with its AI-generated images. These images are used to market the product and make it easy for an e-commerce customer to decide whether to purchase it or not. The whole product promotion concept is a fun session for e-commerce retailers now, as Virtual Try-On has eliminated the exhaustive process of costly photoshoots. But how does Virtual Try-On work?

How does Virtual Try-On work?

As said earlier, the whole idea of Virtual Try-On is to leverage AI to generate product display images of models wearing specific clothing items. Using Virtual Try-On is a fun session for its users. I mean it’s just a finger play of a few taps on their device screen. So now, how does Virtual Try-On work? Virtual Try-On offers different types of subscription plans with each plan having a specified number of runs. Once you subscribe to one of their plans based on your requirements, you will be taken to their dashboard where you just need to follow these few simple steps.


Step 1: Select the gender of the model.

Step 2: Upload a clear picture of the garment.

Step 3: Wait for a few seconds while the Virtual Try-On works its magic.

Step 4: Voila! Now you have the image of the model wearing that cloth piece. You can use it in your Shopify and other e-commerce stores as a product display image.

But what if you are out of runs? don't worry, you can easily update your subscription plan to your needs if you get out of your runs while using Virtual Try-On.

Benefits of Virtual Try-On

Wait a minute! does Virtual Try-On come in handy in real-time situations? Picture this: the hefty costs of hiring models and staging elaborate product photoshoots. It demands substantial time, money, and effort, leaving small-scale e-commerce retailers and entrepreneurs strapped for resources. Without proper photoshoots, showcasing designs on social media and Shopify can lack authenticity, hindering customer confidence in their appearance and fit. Thanks to Alter AI's Virtual Try-On, the best solution for all these e-commerce retailer's problems.


A solution for Shopify & E-commerce retailers


Shopify retailers now no longer need to break the bank for professional product photoshoots. They can easily market their clothes with much better images with the help of Virtual Try-On, as It aims to represent their product most accurately and professionally. Alter AI offers a Virtual Try-On app for Shopify merchants. All They need to do is, add this extension to their admin profile and choose from a variety of subscription plans to generate stunning images of models wearing their designs. These images are so realistic that it might seem like these are actual professional photoshoots, not AI-generated. The Cherry on the cake here is that These Virtual Try-On images come with lifetime validity and no copyright issues anymore. 


Virtual Try-On is not just for Shopify retailers! Alter AI understands that similar challenges exist across e-commerce platforms. Even though Virtual Try-On doesn't have an extension on other e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce, Wix, Magento, PinnacleCart, etc. merchants can still access Virtual Try-On by subscribing through Alter AI's dedicated Virtual Try-On website. Now, retailers everywhere can ditch product visualization hurdles and embrace a brighter future with Virtual Try-On.

Reaching your targets

Your product might be the best in the market, but it can remain under the shadows if not presented before the market on time. The traditional methods of product photoshoots will delay your product launch into the e-commerce space. With Virtual Try-On, that's a thing of the past. Virtual Try-On's AI generates model images within minutes, so that, you can be ahead of your schedule. Another best part is that you have even better product display pictures than before in a far shorter time period. You can also see an increase in your customer base because of this small change.



The future of Virtual Try-On

A more personalized experience

I think we all have been dreaming about a tool for a long time now. I wished for a tool that could make my online shopping experience much better, only if, I had the option to reduce my returns and re-ordering. I wish I could try the product on me before it gets delivered. Brace yourselves for the near future, where Virtual Try-On is going to change this for you. Virtual Try-on is working on its next feature, instead of selecting the existing model, users can upload their image and check how the product will look on them. Is the fit perfect?, should I go for a different color? And what kind of bottom wear will suit this shirt? we can get answers to all these questions before the product gets delivered to us. I believe this upgrade of Virtual Try-On is going to benefit a lot of people, like, by reducing the return rate for the companies, minimizing your hassles on online shopping, and saving time for the poor delivery agents who have to do multiple trips before delivering you the perfect fit.


Integrating with leading e-commerce


Virtual Try-on has bigger plans, you don’t need to download the cloth image and upload it back at Virtual Try-On and look for results. We shop on many e-commerce websites, be it Amazon, Flipkart Myntra, etc. What if you have this inbuilt feature in those websites or apps that lets you check directly on that platform, how good the product is going to look on you? Yup, I can see that you are quite excited. These plans for Virtual Try-On might take some time to get into action. But you are going to use this product as it is now, with the same range of benefits and satisfaction.

Wrapping Up

AI has been influencing everything, photography, headshots, movies, audio, and whatnot. But it might be a little surprising for you to know that AI has slowly penetrated into the e-commerce industry as well. This is a good thing here because it's going to be a gift for small-time retailers and Shopify merchants as they can expedite the process by ditching the whole product photoshoot process. Virtual Try-On brings the solution to their table and not just retailers, even an individual like us can use this AI tool to stand out with our fashion choices in the near future.

Although in far sight you can see that it might affect the employment of models and photographers. But as they say, with every advancement in technology, when old jobs are gone, new jobs are created. Nevertheless, the future of fashion is here. Virtual Try-on is going to make waves in this field and let's try to adapt to it for the good!!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What is virtual try-on clothes technology?

Virtual try-on clothes is an AI-based technology that enables you to visualize how a cloth looks on a person, without wearing it.

2. How accurate is Virtual Try-On in determining fit?

Virtual Try-On uses its predefined models to visualize a cloth's fit. Thus, Almost 90% of the output images will be accurate.

3. Can Virtual Try-On be used for all types of clothing items?

As of now, Virtual Try-On's team is working on western wear. Where the user can visualize pants, shirts, t-shirts, shorts, etc. Virtual Try-On is still working to make the AI recognize more of a traditional kind of attire too.

4. Are there any privacy concerns associated with uploading images for Virtual Try-On?

Virtual Try-On follows strict privacy policy rules and offers complete privacy for the users. Designs that the user uploads are safe with Virtual Try-On's data privacy rules.

5. Is AI Virtual Try-On available on Shopify?

Yes, the Alter AI Virtual Try-on app is available on the Shopify App Store. The app enables store owners to create stunning product images using advanced AI to dress models in their clothes.

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