Best AI Image Generator for 2024

By Vijay Singh Khatri
January 29, 2024
Best AI Image Generator For 2024

You don't capture an image; you make it. 

These words of wisdom have never been truer than in the present world, where everything, even images, is now taking benefits of AI. The power of machine learning and artificial intelligence is game-changing for creative minds worldwide. 

With a simple prompt, you can get yourself clicked in front of the Egyptian pyramid without actually visiting the place in person—all thanks to the power of immaculate image generators. But in recent years, there have been so many image generators on the app store that it has become difficult to pinpoint which ones are useful and which ones you must avoid at all costs. 

Key Highlights:

  • AI Image Generators Revolution: AI-powered image generators transform creative processes worldwide, enabling realistic images without geographical constraints.

  • Quality and Diversity: From text-to-image converters to advanced generative AI tools, various options cater to various needs and preferences.

  • Accessibility: Many AI image generators offer free or affordable options, making high-quality imagery accessible to a broader audience.

  • User-Friendly Interfaces: Some platforms boast intuitive interfaces suitable for both professionals and novices, streamlining the creative process.

  • Customization and Control: Users can often fine-tune generated images to their liking, ensuring desired outcomes for diverse projects.

  • Public Domain and Privacy: Users should know where their generated images are stored and shared, considering privacy implications and copyright concerns.

  • Continuous Improvement: Developers refine AI algorithms, enhancing realism, diversity, and user experience over time.

Fear not; with this blog, we will show you some of the best AI image generators of 2024 that will give you the most realistic pictures without hampering the quality of the image in any way possible. So, let's begin. 

Best AI Image Generators

1. Visme 


Starting the list of best AI image generators, we have Visme, which is a text-to-image generator tool available for free. It is one of those generators that you only believe exist once you use it yourself. It can generate complete visuals out of simple text inputs in no time, giving an image that has been nowhere present on the internet till now. 

In addition to this, Visme gives wings to your imagination, and if there's an idea in your mind, you don't need to spend hours on Pixel or some other visual art app to make it come alive. Now, everything can be done in real-time with the help of this application. A wide range of output styles include photos, paintings, pencil drawings, icons, logos, abstract art, and many more. 

2. DAll-E


We are sure you have heard about DALL-E from one of your friends or some online reel on social media platforms. Developers behind open-sourced DALL-E were the pioneers of enabling AI in image generators. The help of their deep learning models, which make it possible for anyone to conceptualize an image from mere texts, gave them unprecedented publicity all over the internet. This is a perfect tool for people looking to generate copyright-free and real-looking images without spending too much money. 

In less than a minute, you can get AI-generated high-quality art that can be further customized according to your liking. Besides this, you also get a massive image library from which you can take inspiration and edit them to suit your needs. With DALL-E 2, developers have pushed realism to a whole new extent. For some, the images may look perfect, while for others, it may feel too realistic. Try it out yourself and see which side of the argument you are on. 

3. Jasper Art


Jasper Art is the AI image generator program developed by a well-known team of developers who have previously created the Jasper AI tool. You can start by giving a descriptive prompt such as mood, medium, and inspiration, along with other necessary fields, and in no time, the AI will create the image using that information. 

There are a total of 19 mood options for you to choose from. Also, there's a keyword option that helps in generating realistic images from scratch. Like Canva, all your progress and artwork will be automatically saved in its dashboard. The developers have given you the driver's seat from where you can train the AI by liking or disliking the picture. There will be no watermarks on the generated image, so you can use it anywhere. Lastly, it can generate up to four versions of the same image simultaneously. 

4. Adobe's Photoshop


Since computers became an editing tool for photographers, Adobe Photoshop has been present on our desktops. If you are a professional photographer who is looking to use generative AI to elevate your photos, then Adobe Photoshop is considered to be the best and most powerful tool out there. You might have it already on your computer. In this software, you can mark the area of the image and then replace it with anything you want by simply writing a text prompt.

Besides this, you also get a generative expansion, which makes it possible to expand the image from its original size and fill in the data beyond the original borders. This is handy for those looking to take wider shots but couldn't do it earlier. For some people, this tool may seem like an improper AI image generator, but if you know how to use it properly, you can save tons of hours at work. 

There are only two downsides to using this tool: first is the monthly subscription, and second is the learning curve. If you can find your way around these two, then you will be getting the best of the AI image generative experience from Adobe's Photoshop software. 

5. Midjourney


Some of the most coherent generative image results are created using Midjoureny. Over time, this AI image generator is able to provide images that are visually more appealing in nature. The best usage of Midjourney can be found in creating images of real-world objects such as dogs, cats, humans, groups of friends, and others. All of these objects will have a natural tone to them, making images feel just right so that they look realistic to the viewers. 

The only quirk of Midjourney is that it can only be accessed via Discord. So, you first need to have an account on Discord, and then you have to join the Midjourney server to start writing your prompts. Also, keep this thing in mind: whatever picture you generate will be available in the public domain of Midjourney's Discord. As a result, anyone who is keen to see what you are trying to create can find it on the Discord channel with ease. Apart from this one downside, we were truly satisfied with its functioning. 

6. Starry AI


This is one of the free AI image generators that produces decent art in response to the prompts given by a user. This tool allows you to have much more detailed control over how your image is going to come out in comparison to other AI tools. With each prompt, the StarryAI creates two alternative outputs called Altair and Orion. You can see both of these options and choose the one that fits your liking. Altair is more of an abstract art, while Orion is helpful for creating objects in fictional satire. 

There are more than 1000 styles available for you to choose from, and there are tons of pre-existing templates that can be used anytime you want. One of the best things about this AI image generator is that it gives you a free option where users can download 5 images on a daily basis. As a result, Starry AI is best suited for artists who are trying to showcase their creative side to the online world by uploading these generative images on social media platforms. 

7. Craiyon 


Craiyon is an open-source AI image generator that is one of the great alternatives of DALL-E 2. It does everything that you can do with DALL-E 2, but here, you will get unlimited prompts. As a result, you can make as many changes as you want on the image until you are able to get what you exactly want. The user interface of Craiyon is quite simple and while using it for a few minutes even kids can start operating it at its full potential. 

It has a massive list of design options that come with customization capabilities. You get multiple versions of a single image. Thus, you can perform A/B testing on them to find out which one is more beneficial for your marketing campaign. Also, Craiyon is designed in such a way that you won't need any design, programming, or editing skills to get a perfect image out of its AI. This image generator relies on pre-existing images and design patterns, so creating an image that is entirely original will take some time. That's why we only recommend this AI tool to social media managers and eCommerce businesses who are looking to create high-quality images in large amounts for their audience.

Wrapping Up

Well, here we are at the end of our list; we kept it short so as to avoid confusing it with so many options. You can try them all or some of them, depending on how much time you have, and then choose the one that not only gives you the best of the generative videos but also comes within your budget. These 7 AI image generators are some of the best AI tools you can find on the internet. 

Before we sign off, we have to drop a word of caution. See, no matter how amazing these AI image generators are, they can still produce low-quality images if you are not careful with your prompts. A prompt that gives you good results might not work as expected on some other tool. So this is something we want you to keep in mind. That's it from our side, now over to you. In the comment section, let us know which of these AI image generators you love, and show us your results. Good Luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are these AI image generators suitable for professionals?

Yes, many of these tools, like Adobe Photoshop and DALL-E, are favored by professionals for their advanced features and capabilities.

2. Are there free options available for AI image generation?

Yes, several platforms offer free versions or limited daily downloads, providing access to AI-generated images without a significant financial investment.

3. Can I use AI image generators for commercial purposes?

It depends on the terms of service of each platform. Some may allow commercial use, while others may have restrictions or require licensing for commercial projects.

4. How do I ensure the quality of AI-generated images?

Experimentation and familiarity with each platform's capabilities are crucial. Additionally, understanding how to craft effective prompts can significantly impact the quality of generated images.

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